Searching with regular expression in Graylog

I was searching on how to search for regular expressions in graylog, found this article.Search example:

Excel: Convert String to Macaddress

Alright, so i needed to convert a string to a macadress with : and had to look this up. So for future revenrence, here is the formula English: =MID(A1,1,2)&”:”&MID(A1,3,2)&”:”&MID(A1,5,2)&”:”&MID(A1,7,2)&”:”&MID(A1,9,2)&”:”&MID(A1,11,2) Dutch: =DEEL(A1;1;2)&”:”&DEEL(A1;3;2)&”:”&DEEL(A1;5;2)&”:”&DEEL(A1;7;2)&”:”&DEEL(A1;9;2)&”:”&DEEL(A1;11;2)

Cleanup /boot on Ubuntu 16.04

Source: It might happen that /boot is full and that apt-get autoremove is not working. I found a solution on the source mentioned above to cleanup the /boot partition. ———- If apt-get isn’t functioning because your /boot is at 100%, you’ll need to clean out /boot first. This likely has caught a kernel upgrade…
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Ubuntu 14.04 reset root password

Resetting the root password on a Ubuntu 14.04 (VM) Source: If you have forgotten or lost your root password and unable to login to your Ubuntu 14.04 linux system then follow the instructions below to recover your root password. Step 1 – Reboot to GRUB2 boot menu First reboot/reset your system to GRUB2 boot…
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Supporting both Legacy and UEFI mode in your SCCM environment

This is not my own post. I just used this incase the source would dissapear or chang websites and the article would not be available. All credit go to Marco Nuijens. When you still have devices in your environment which are only supporting legacy PXE boots and you also want to support UEFI PXE boots…
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Switching Office 365 Pro Plus Update Channels

I needed my office install, which was set to semi-anual channel, to be updated to 1808 so i could install Visio Standard 2019 alongside of Office 365 Pro Plus. I looked for a way to do and found this website. How-to Switch Channels Below are the steps to switch channels: Identify the channel which you…
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Script i use for creating dockers on unix systems

I have create a script for personal use to easily create dockers with changing just a few parameters within the script. Since i’m no Unix guru, this might be open for improvements. I would call my 1st script, for example. It uses a own created bridge network so i can assign ip adressess. If…
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Export GrantSendOnBehalfTo permission with Powershell

I had to create this script for work, so we could see which users were sharing their calendar in the wrong way. People used delegates to share the calendar, but most didn’t realise they were also granting the “send on behalf” permissions to users. Organizr with SSL

A small howto, changing the default HTTP of Organizr docker to HTTPS.